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Sipmlicity and Ease

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There is often confusion with simplicity and ease. In our practice, there are many things which are simple: stepping, punches, coiling, weight shifting, yin/yang, rooting, etc… All simple. These are not difficult things to grasp. But that doesn’t make them easy. This is often a problem within our perception. For if simple = easy, then complex = difficult. And while the latter is somewhat true, I think the simple is more difficult than the complex. (The mind reels….) for the complex thing, my mind is in some ways prepared for it. I recognize that this complex thing will be complex. And since I set up the relationship of complexity equaling difficulty, if it is difficult then I am not surprised (interestingly enough, complex things are often easier than we expect). But I have a tendency to use them interchangeably. This is not correct. And that is the error that creates the problem. Because I have now begun to interchange complexity and difficulty I also do it in the inverse. Simplicity and ease become interchangeable. (This has to do with polar relationships, a topic for next time perhaps). So when I have a problem with a simple thing, I begin to believe it to be more complex than it is, and to add that complexity to the movement. And then I just screw it up more. This is why simple is more difficult than complex. Simple requires me to release my preconceptions and experience my clumsiness, ignorance and graceless movement. I must look them in the eye and know they are me. Then I can move through them and grasp the simple. For once I grasp the simple, the complex is nothing but an aspect of the simple. (This has to do with polar relationships, a topic for next time perhaps).