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We have a tendency to break things down into smaller pieces. In some cases tis is valuable. Attempting to swallow a cow or even a chicken could prove fatal. Chemistry and physics seek to find the basic elements which comprise the universe, the smallest discernible parts of the biggest thing we know. And we don’t teach children to read with Heidegger. So it makes sense to break things down into manageable pieces. But often we forget the pieces are part of something greater. We get lost in the parts and forget about the whole, or come to believe that the parts are the whole. This is unfortunate. And shortsighted. In our kung fu, the more we seek to ‘have’ a form, to understand it as an object, a defined quantity or a set of moves, the further we are from the goal. We will be fighting with empty sleeves. The pieces are pieces of something more. They are tools to make it possible to learn. But once we can manage them, we need to make them bigger. Only then can we begin to approach an understanding of the whole.