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Keep the feet firmly planted on the ground

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The firmness of the feet is one the principles of kung fu which had been elusive in my practice. The more I sought to attach my feet, the more unstable I felt or became. The more my feet and knees ached. I tried too hard. I strained. I forced. I pressed. I flexed. I sought to improve on gravitation. To no avail. I achieved little more than sore feet and a bruised ego.

But as I explore the idea, I find there is very little to do. Something has become clear. There was something I overlooked. It was the keeping. I was obsessed with the feet and their firmness, rather than their keeping. I find there is very little to do, just as in any other variety of keeping. I simply keep. Keeping requires no force. Nor any activity, aside from occasional checking. I must create a passive diligence. I look in from time to time to see if they’re alright. I do not stare or fuss. I will know they are firm because i will feel them firm.