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When we connect to another person there is risk. We become exposed. Through that connection we create a pathway through which information is exchanged. This can be frightening. It can leave us feeling vulnerable. It can trigger all sorts of things. And it often puts us in touch with our baseline unresolved emotions. We can see this in our practice. If we push hands and refuse to connect, constantly try to control our partner and attempt to be on the attack the whole time we are giving in to the fear. (It also provides a lot of information about our psychology, but that’s another subject.) This is a reaction to the fear encountered from connection. That fear is natural and part of us. And it’s in the way. It’s an obstacle. We need to get through the fear so that we can use the response we discover. Fear blinds us. It weakens us. It is the connection we seek. Connection is strength. It is not something that can be forced, coerced or created through cognitive process. It is something to be felt and refined. It must be sought. We begin by creating it within ourselves and then expand it into partner work. The process is the same. The way of feeling it is the same. Connect to the floor. Connect your structure. Fill the structure. Connect to your partner. Breathe.