Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays in Nyack. Students progress at their own pace. Instruction seeks to make the forms as accessible as possible. The environment is relaxed and friendly. To make sure that the student gets the maximum benefit from the training, instruction is personal even though practice is rooted in a group setting. Belt ranks are not required but if you desire rank it is something which can be arranged.

Kung Fu 6:35-7:30

The evening begins with Kung Fu, which focuses on traditional forms and their applications. The training begins with basic movements from traditional systems. Then we look at ways to apply those movements. There is also training in the ideas behind the systems, theory is intermixed with the form. This gives it practical foundation and ties it to real world experience.



Tai Chi Chuan 7:45- 8:30

Focusing exclusively on Tai Chi Chuan, we begin with basic movements and the long form. For a fuller understanding, we explore some applications of the system. From understanding both the basic principles and practical uses of the art, we see how Tai Chi Chuan differs from all other martial arts.

Advanced Studies 8:30-9:10

Time is spent on refining the form and movement and theory is explored in more depth, as is the connection between the theory and the art. Structure is improved. Partner drills increase our understanding of practical applications of the system. This class is open to a student when the instructor feels it is appropriate to his or her level of development.




Private Instruction

Private lessons are available for specific styles or aspects of kung fu, tai chi, or chi gung, giving a student the opportunity to explore any topic in depth, at his or her own pace, on a short term or long term basis. Content is completely driven by the student and can focus, on a particular movement, an application or a complete form. If you feel that an individualized course of study might be what you are looking for, please call so we can discuss your specific needs and interests and how we can work out a program that is best for you.

We have no contracts. Agreements are month to month. We do not have special children’s classes, families are welcome. This is to simplify things for everyone as well as to maintain the integrity of what we do. You are welcome to come and try a class. Classes are held at the Nyack Center in Nyack, NY. Contact us with questions or for directions.