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We are inundated with people talking about balance. There is tons of information telling us to balance our lives, our diets, our emotions, our busy lives, our portfolio, etc., etc….ad nauseam. We are given strategies and tips for balance. It’s a great buzz word. But there is little discussion as to what balance is, how it works or is achieved. It’s discussed as a goal, an achievement. But that is only one idea about balance. And it’s a bad one. It’s static balance, like a boulder sitting on a finger of rock in the desert, waiting for a coyote to crush. Static balance is precarious and tempts fate. This is a high energy state. It requires maintenance and effort, vast amount of each. This is the energy of wrestling and struggle. When we practice we can feel the pushing and flexing of muscle. That’s when our tai chi is too forceful. It is the balance of square things that lay on their broad surfaces. But there is another type of balance. It’s dynamic. It is like water flowing downhill. It always seeks its own level and adjusts to circumstances. It is soft. It settles. It requires very little energy to maintain. When we practice we feel it in the exquisite flow we can achieve when we are soft enough to direct our practice through the faintest intention. This is the balance round things, always rolling, constantly seeking.