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Zhen Xun

Zhen is a term for thunder, a primal energy. It’s opposite is xun or wind. Thunder is loud, shocking and brief. Wind is quiet, gradual and constant. When equal they create a balance of energy, which endures. Zhen Xun is an image of the balance of natural energy.


Kung Fu

The term kung fu was used to describe great skill or achievement of exceptional ability. It acknowledges the elevation of a practice to the level of artistry through consistent, long-term effort. Kung fu is excellence or mastery. It is gained through striving to achieve understanding, to hone skill and to create. Kung Fu is an achievement.



Classes are currently offered on Monday and Thursday evenings at the Nyack Center. Private instruction is also available. For more information contact the instructor.

Not your grandmother's tai-chi. Great classes. Chris DeTora offers serious, quality martial arts instruction with a smile. –Mark Bergman

Chris is engaging and knowledgeable. He addresses individual strengths and weaknesses, meets everyone at their level and takes it as far as you are willing to go.  I have learned much about kung fu over the past three years. I have also learned a lot about myself.  I often find parallels between the challenges I face in my kung fu practice and the challenges I encounter in daily life. That work has translated into great personal growth.–Jackie Urra

Chris DeTora is a fantastic teacher who demonstrates great KungFu and Tai Chi techniques. He is always eager to explain the principles and concepts of self defense. I have been taking KungFu for the past six years and Tai Chi for three, since then I have developed physical endurance and strength in addition to gaining knowledge. At first, I was apprehensive about Tai Chi but now I am really excited by it. Try one of his classes, you won’t regret it!–Sharon Dacres